Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with Pie version and It has One UI 2.0 which supports Android version 10. There are several Magisk based methods available to recognize root on your A50. But, You can install custom ROM after you have no custom recovery. In the procedure below, we are accessing using TWRP. So, you will root Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 and install custom ROM.

How to root samsung galaxy A50 android 10
How To Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10

After rooting, you may lose the official update. You need to update your transportable manually.

So before proceeding with the method, you ought to know why you wish to try and do it. So if you’re a daily user, you’ll be able to work some alternatives for your purpose without requiring root.

As an everyday root app user and developer, you’ll be able to follow the instructions below to achieve your transportable source.

Should You Need To Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 Version?

It would be best if you had a robust reason for rooting. You’re obsessed with some root apps. Otherwise, you are a frequent user of some Custom OS, you’ll proceed further. But if you would like to root because everybody is doing, I counsel you, don’t root If you didn’t have any experience. For regular users, It can become a Nightmare.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 One UI 2.0

In the method below, we are going to Root this device using TWRP and Magisk. The purpose of using TWRP isn’t official.

You’ll install TWRP officially using the official app when it’s released. TWRP recovery maybe a custom recovery file that has got to be installed on your device because you’ll root them successfully.

During this article, we explained the best method to trace and install Magisk on Samsung Galaxy A50. However, the tool needed to root this device is that the Magisk App.

You can flash TWRP when it’s available. With the assistance of TWRP Recovery, you’ll quickly flash custom ROMs to your Samsung Galaxy A50. Before sharing the tutorial, you may want to understand that, with Magisk on your device, you’ll easily install any native applications. Seems complicated? Relax, everything is going to be explained briefly in bullets.

Things to check out for;

  • You should keep a copy of your existing files and data.
  • Install the newest Magisk Manager.
  • Make sure your device battery is above 50%
  • You cannot use Samsung Pay, the protection directory, and a few official Samsung applications.
  • You can update your firmware to induce new firmware; you want to follow the steps below with the latest firmware.
  • Read the complete instructions before the method.

1. Unlock Bootloader

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock on your mobile. To try and do this; move to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options,” then move to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock. there’s no complicated process within the Samsung Galaxy A50.
  • Turn off your device. Enter Download Mode-> Volume Down the degree + Volume Up and Connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable. When the Download mode warning screen appears, press the Volume Up button to unlock the Bootloader.
  • The above process will wipe your user data. After fitting your device, please check OEM Unlock within the settings. Sometimes it’ll lock up.

2. Necessary Download Files

  • Download and install the Samsung USB driver to your computer system.
  • Select the above Oreo version in the ODIN list. Install ODIN on your PC:

         + v3.04

         + v3.06

         + v3.07

         + v3.09

         + v3.10.5

         + v3.10.6

         + v3.11.1

         + v3.11.2

         + v3.12.5 ( Nougat Android version)

         + v3.12.7 (Oreo Android version)

         + v3.13.1 (Pie Android version)

         + v3.14.1 (Android 10 version)

         +  Modified Odin (Nougat/Oreo/Pie Android version)

         +   Prince Comsey Odin (Nougat/Oreo/Pie Android version)

3. Prepare The Booted Boot And Vbmeta Image Files

  • Download 7Zip-ZS, LZ4, and Install both on your PC. Extract the files in the downloaded firmware with 7Zip-ZS. You will get four files. Click AP File and extract it again. You will get some data along with boot.img.lz4 and vmbeta.img.lz4.
  • Copy the boot.img.lz4 and vmbeta.img.lz4 to LZ4 Installed folder. Convert lz4 file to .img file by dragging the .img file to the lz4 application file. You have got to pull the file to its application. The script will automatically convert the file to .img format. After the convert, Copy boot and Vbmeta — img file to your mobile
  • Download Magisk Manager (Download Latest version) or Magisk canary and Install it on your mobile. Open Installed Magisk and Select Install in Magisk; it will ask For zip file and Patch Boot Image File. Select the Boot Image file.
Magisk Manager
Magisk Manager
  • Navigate to your copied boot image file and patch the file.

downloaded firmware and patch the firmware

  • Wait for the method to complete, Finally, you may receive the patched .img file. Rename this file in addition.img again.
  • Now do the identical patch process for vbmeta.img, and you’ll get magisk patched .img file. Rename this file to vbmeta.img.
  • Now copy both files to your PC. Drag those files into the downloaded patched TWRP.tar file. Now you’ll see there are three files within the TWRP.tar file. Don’t extract the info. The three files contain one .tar file that ought to be flashed using ODIN.

4. Flash TWRP Using ODIN

Flash TWRP using ODIN
Flash TWRP Using ODIN
  • Connect your USB cable to the PC. Turn off your device. Then enter Download mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume down button + Volume up button and connect your mobile phone to the PC via a USB cable, after the Samsung Logo appears, Release all keys.
  • Press the Volume Up button to continue once you see the warning message
  • Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy A50 portable to the pc via a USB cable.
  • Launch the Odin application on your computer. If this device is detected by this app (Odin), it’ll show you a read – add notification
Launch Odin Application
Launch Odin Application
  • However, if the device isn’t correctly connected to the PC, you may win this message. Therefore, you want to confirm the USB cable is cheap and reconnect the device.
  • After connecting a Samsung device, click the PDA / PA / AP button to browse/search and get TWRP from where you saved it. Alternatively, navigate to Wikipedia’s options and uncheck Automatically restart.
Tick the Auto Reboot
Tick the Auto Reboot
  • Click on “Start”
  • Once the file is loaded into the device, reboot your device.


  • Kudos, you have got just Installed the TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy A50. We installed TWRP. Don’t activate your mobile. Immediately, move to Magisk Installation steps. Press the Volume Down+Power button to exit Download mode and quickly press Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Power Button else into Recovery mode.

4.1 Install Multi Disabler And Magisk In Your Samsung Galaxy A50 Using TWRP


  • Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select Cache Data. You’ll also take complete backup using TWRP. It’ll facilitate you when something goes wrong.
  • Return to TWRP Homepage, select Install
  • Select Multi
  • Return to Home of TWRP select Install.
  • Select
  • You should Install One by One. Don’t add more zips feature in TWRP. After the Installation Reboot Your Mobile.
  • You can also install Magisk.apk in your Mobile Applications. Multi disabler is employed to avoid the Encryption issue after rooting. You’ll be able to check your root status using Root Checker.
  • If you didn’t find Magisk in App Drawer, you should Install the Magisk app again.








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