When the latest version of Android is available for general use, all Android users update their software on it. You will then find the most effective ways to root the operating system with the top-recommended Android root apps. Because you realize that Root is the most effective path for all Android users to change Android system files or access a limited system level on Android devices when they ask. In keeping with the most recent Android software updates, Android 10 is the latest version for all Android operating systems. If you’re the one who wants Root Android 10 to urge the foremost modern rooting benefits, Magisk is that the most effective Android rooting app for all Android users. It’s the best Root Android 10 app available within the market nowadays.

About Root Android 10

When you update your Android OS to the most recent version of Android 10, you’ll want to Root Android 10 with the only root app on the market. Indeed, rooting is the only method, you will ignore all Android restrictions imposed by the manufacturer.

Yes, all Android users have the ability to unlock all hidden features without restrictions. Then you will easily customize your device’s Android performance without limits.

About root android 10
About root android 10

For example, after you access to remove some pre-installed apps on your Android 10 device, you don’t have permission to do anything you want. Because there are some manufacturer restrictions to urge its removal.

By the way, if you already have the best Android root access privileges with a reliable rooting tool like Magisk, you don’t have to worry about deleting them on mobile.

Why Do You Need The Root Android 10 With Magisk?

With Magisk, it really delivers the ability to manage all deep-level system settings on your Android mobile phone without a problem. Additionally, you will install the same custom ROM and kernel.

With Root Android 10, it’s easy to download applications, edits, third-party extensions, and more. That means you will download all apps only root and other things without restrictions.

On the other hand, Root Android 10 with Magisk allows you to perform all custom recoveries and also increases battery life. No worries, more than 100 million Android mobile users are ready to access their Android root with the top trusted root app.

So, Magisk is the most effective Root app for devices running Android 10 everywhere on earth.

How To Root Android 10 With Magisk? (Pixel/Pixel 2/Pixel 3/Pixel 3a/Pixel 4)

How To Root Android 10 With Magisk
How To Root Android 10 With Magisk

Here’s the how-to root Android 10 on your Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3/3XL, Pixel 3a/3a XL, and will actually work on most Android devices.

Step 1. Unlock Your Bootloader

Unlock Your Bootloader
Unlock Your Bootloader

Obviously you ought to have unlocked the bootloader and also install Android 10.

Step 2. Install Canary Magisk Manager

Download Magisk Canary and install it. After the app is finished downloading on your phone, tap the “Download complete” or “Open” notification to start the install process.

If necessary, you’d possibly grant Chrome the proper permissions to sideload the Magisk Manager app.

Install unknown

Just tap “Settings,” then enable the switch for the “Allow from this source” option. Tap the rear arrow once to return to the previous screen, then tap “Install.”

Install Canary Magisk Manager

Step 3. Download The Correct Firmware

Download the correct firmware for your Pixel smartphone.  For non-Pixel phones, you also need to grab firmware and extract the boot.img file, you can Google on how to do this.

Download the correct firmware

Step 4. Extract The Boot Image

Once the firmware file has been downloaded successfully, you’ll extract the archive to any location of your choosing. Once extracted the first time, you’d prefer to seem for the only ZIP get into the folder that starts with “image,” then extracts that file within the identical folder again to reveal its full contents.

As mentioned before, you’ll be ready to ignore all the alternative files except for the one named “boot.img.” Now, you would like to mount your phone to your computer with a USB data cable.

boot image

After that, you just need to take that boot image file and transfer it from your computer over to the “Download” folder on your phone.


Step 5. Patch The Boot Image

From the foremost screen of the Magisk Manager app, tap “Install,” then hit “Install” everywhere again to cite a greenhorn set of options. From the list, pick the “Select and Patch a File” option, then grant the proper media permissions if necessary by tapping “Allow.”


In the pop-up file manager, you need to sit within the “Download” folder by default and it’ll automatically detect the boot image file that you just transferred earlier. Click the “boot.img” file once, then Magisk will start patching it within a second at this point.

When it is finished, touch the rear arrow to complete the method.


Step 6. Move The Patched Boot Image To Your Computer

Now it’s time to send that patched boot image file you bought from Magisk to the platform-tools folder on your computer. The file should be located within the identical “Download” folder thanks to the first file, but it’ll be called “magisk_patched.img.”

You’ll be ready to act and transfer both the patched and original “boot.img” files to your platform-tools folder for safekeeping.

Move the Patched Boot Image to Your Computer

Step 7. Boot Into Fastboot Mode

You should now put your phone in a state that allows it to receive the boot image file needed to realize root access. This state is called Fastboot Mode, which is how your phone and computer communicate with each other when using the command environment.

To enter Fastboot Mode, press and hold the power button, then tap Power off to completely turn off your phone. When you are active, the phone is powered off, hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time until the Fastboot Mode main menu appears.

Once you’ve done that, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable, then leave the phone like this for the next section.

Boot into Fastboot Mode

Reboot into fastboot mode by turning the power off, then hold down Volume Down + Power.

Step 8. Open A Command Window In Platform-Tools

At this point, your phone is ready to receive the required Fastboot commands, but your computer still has one thing it needs before you’ll be ready to expire. You’d wish to open a command window within the platform-tools folder so that it can communicate together with your phone.

This is often typically finished a command like “cd C:\Downloads\platform-tools\” (replace “Downloads” along with your platform-tools folder’s actual location).

Open a Command Window in Platform-Tools

Step 9. Flash The Patched Boot Image

Now, it’s finally time to push that changed boot image file you bought from Magisk over to your phone. Let’s get right thereto — type the subsequent command, then press enter.

For Windows:

cd Downloads

cd fastboot


Once the patched boot image is finished installing, type within the next command followed by entering.


This command will tell your phone to reboot for you automatically without having to touch it. Doing this implies you’ll not use the degree keys on your phone to manually reboot your device from Fastboot Mode — unless you’d value more highly to pair that way, of course.


For Linux:

cd Downloads

cd fastboot






For Mac:

cd Downloads

cd fastboot






Step 10. Verify Root & SafetyNet Status

Verify Root & SafetyNet Status

After the reboot, head into the Magisk Manager app, then verify both green check marks are active for the Magisk platform itself and also the app. If they don’t seem to be checked, update them both as necessary.

Only for good measure, hit the arrow for “Tap to start SafetyNet check” to create sure you pass Google’s SafetyNet check. All set! Your Pixel is now fully rooted within the newest version of Android!

How To Root Android isn’t answerable for Any Loss Or Damage To Your Smartphone. The Methods Shown during this Site don’t seem to be Tested for each smartphone. So, Try It together with your Own Risk.




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